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John Cabot

-italian navigator and explorer (and cartographer---map maker)
-discovered Newfoundland & explored from Canada down to Chesapeak Bay
-sailed from Bristol, England (in 1497) on Matthew (his ship) to Eastern Canada
- SECOND European to find N. America (well after Vikings) ( Columbus beat him to it)
- set off ---> Asia ---> rain into island off coast of N.America

1450 CE
John Cabot was born in Genoa.

1475 CE
British fishermen lost access to fishing grounds off Iceland due to a war in Europe. The cod catch did not go down and it is presumed that they had discovered the cod-rich waters off Newfoundland, whose discovery was later attributed to John Cabot.

1484 CE
John Cabot moved to England.

1496 CE
English King Henry VII hires John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto) to explore. Like Columbus and Magellan, Cabot thought there was a better route to the riches of the Orient by heading west instead of east.

2 May 1497 CE
John Cabot set sail from Bristol in England, in the 'Matthew', a ship less than 70 feet long, with a crew of 18 men.

24 Jun 1497 CE
John Cabot sights Newfoundland (Eastern Canada ) and claims it for England.

24 Jun 1497 CE
After 5 weeks at sea, John Cabot's crew sighted land somewhere in Newfoundland.

6 Aug 1497 CE
John Cabot returned to England after his first successful journey to the Labrador coast.

6 Aug 1497 CE
John Cabot returned to England. Although he brought no spices or treasure back with him, he was able to map out the first details of the North American coast.

1497 CE
John Cabot departs from England for North America.

May 1498 CE
Cabot disappears on voyage

May 1498 CE
John Cabot in one of five ships set sail for America. King Henry approved a Cabot's second voyage and financed one ship. Four other ships were financed by merchants hoping to cash in on the new route to the Orient. Only one ship returned for repairs and the other four, with John Cabot as captain, disappeared and never returned.

1508 CE
Sebastian Cabot, son of John Cabot, an accomplished mapmaker and navigator, with King Henry VII's support, set sail to discover western lands.

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