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Isabella I

-Queen of Castile
-Co ruler of Castile and Aragon and Leon (1469-1504)
- in 1492 she sponsored Columbus's voyage of discovery
-concerned with welfare and rights of natives of lands she acquired
-proficient in Latin (sincere interest in education)
-patronized artists & collected art
-reign/Isabella & Ferdinand = Golden Age for Spain
-daughter of John II, King of Castile
-reconquered Spain
-presided over final defeat/ Moors in Spain, the eviction of the moors and the Jews beginning of the Spanish Inquisition
-financed Columbus' voyages/ exploration

1451- Isabella was born at Madrigal de Altas Torres, Spain near Avila, Spain

1468- Isabella became the Queen of Castile

1469- Isabella married Ferdinand

1474- Isabella was pronounced Queen of Spain

1476- Isabella started to restore Castile

1480- The Spainish Inquisition started

1492- Isabella and Ferdinand funded Christopher Colombus’s journey

1501- All unconverted Jews and Muslims were forced out of Granada, then Castile

1504-Isabella died at Medina del Campo

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