Samuel De Champlain
1570- 1635
- map
- furs
Did they do?
-went on first voyage to Canada as geographer on fur trading expedition
Name of place (then and now)
- settlement and trading post along St. Lawrence river
- Quebec City
Do we remember?
- became father of New France
- French explorer, navigator and map maker
- taught North American natives about Chirstianity
Could they do different?
- didn't explore west side of Canada
Is this place in relation to places today?
- Canada, Hudson Bay, Great lakes
Is this important?
- 21 voyages to New France
- laid foundations to modern Canda
Would life be like if they didn’t do what they did?
- only the English rules
- no need to take French at school
How does this connect to things today?
- established French settlement which is now Quebec City
Samuel de (false portrait) Champlain
Samuel de (false portrait) Champlain

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