Medard des Groseilliers

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  • Born in France --> New France for work
  • New France = Quebec
  • Brother-in-law of Pierre Esprit Radisson
  • Became a coureur de bois - went to search for furs
  • First accomplishment was expedition through wilderness that ended atr the Great Lakes
  • Established trading partnership with Huron
  • 1659, with Pierre, planned a way to get fur from the north easier - proposed a route through Hudson Strait and then South into Hudson Bay
    Persuaded First Nations to bring furs down the waterways that drain into the Hudson Bay
    Route later used by Hudson's Bay Company
  • Returned to Quebec with over 100 canoes of furs
  • Medard was put to jail b/c he does not have a license - illegal trading
  • Opened Lakes Michigan and Superior fur trades and Jesuit missionaries
  • Joined forces with English, met Pierre and helped found the Hudson's Bay Company
  • Medard sailed from London to the mouth of the Rupert R in a ship called Nonsuch
  • Returned the following year -> this return marked that it was possible to sail to Hudson Bay for fur trade
  • Successful return led to founding of Hudson's Bay Company
  • Retired after more troubles he could not overcome