Jean Talon
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  • Intendant of New France (Quebec, Canada)
  • In charge of justice, police and finances
  • New France was disorganized and weak
  • Intendant = reorganization of New France
  • Wanted to change economic base of fur trades into agriculture instead
  • King sent a list of things he needed to do in order to expand the colony
  • First plan) Needed greater population to do ->proposed massive immigration
  • 1665 - 1676 1,500 people immigrated to Canada
  • Workers must settle and work for three years and salary was modest -> at the end of their engagement they are promised a tract of land, some supplies and tools
  • Double-advantage: colonists had precious manpower and gave settlers time to adapt to working conditions in Canada
  • To balance the population, females were sent to Canada (king's daughter - filles du roi)
  • Gave 300 livres to families with 10 children, and 400 to those of 12 children
  • Organized what type of people go to which village (carpenters, shoemakers etc in each village)
  • Talon promoted commerce and encouraged things like the development of fishing industries
  • Encouraged increasing livestock in New France and agriculture
  • Changed Canada from disorganized and weak into flourishing population and land
  • Laid foundation of economic and political systems, made huge commercial and industrial progress
  • If he hadn't done this, Canada would be a mess and not one of the best places in the world today ;)