Agathe de Saint-Pere

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  • 1657 - 1748
  • Manufacturer in Montreal, Canada
  • Attended school at Marguerite Bourgeoy's school
  • Was dynamic
  • Back then fur trades were severed and must rely on their own resources
  • Short of wool and linen, she experimented on nettles, bark fibers, cottonweeds and wolly hair of buffalo
    Winter was coming, people were going to freeze to death with lack of winter clothing - her experiments saved them
  • Clothes were course, cheap
  • Created workshop in her own home, hiring English weavers, others learned her technique and soon 120 ells of cloth from more than 20 looms were made
  • Also made maple sugar candy for the king
  • Discovered multiple dyes and new process for fixing colour
  • Could dye deerskin without oiling it first - lowered cost of making clothes from them
  • If she hadn't discovered this, many people would have froze to death from lack of winter clothingm - had to depend on their own resources
  • Land clearing and fur trade was most important - neglected to grow materials for winter clothing
  • We remembered her b/c she saved colony during hard years after the taking of the Seine
  • Today we have various colours and materials thanks to her experiments and discoveries

  • Dad passed away when she was 6 months old, mother passed away when 15
  • Learned economics and taking care of her little sisters and brother
  • After inheriting piece of land in Point St Charles - gew hemp and lax
  • Maple sugar candy high priced in France - gave her lots of wealth
  • Took 9 England weavers, built looms for her and passed down techniques to Canadian weavers who later replaced the England ones
  • Died at 91 years of age
  • Contributed to development of the colony by creating new jobs for others and wealth
  • Succeeded in the world of "men"
  • One of the most impressive matriarchs the new colony