Madame de Repentigny
Born February 25 1657
  • Lived in Montréalchr3AgathedeRepentigny.jpg
  • Family was made up of famous colonists
  • At the time farmers did not grow flax and hemp so then clothes for the inter were rare so the people of France tried to make it an essential product but the king turned it down so Madame de Repentigny set up nine English weavers and got a lot of wool and cotton
  • She also got Canadian apprentices to learn on the job
  • Manufactured many textiles and sent them to the king
  • After seeing what she had done many Canadians followed
  • Experimented with new dies for her textiles like blue stone and local vegetable dies.
  • Lowered the cost of deer hides because she dyed them without oiling them.
  • Her linen mill later closed after 8 years"Agathe De Saint-Père." Agathe De Saint-Père. Web. 27 May 2012. <>.