Madeline de Vercheres

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  • Was a brave, young girl who solely defended the "Castle Dangerous"
  • Iroquois were attacking "Castle Dangerous"
  • Madeline defended her fort and took the role of a verterinarian soldier
  • She had only around 15 people around her, only two of them were soldiers, against 50 Iroquois
  • Courageous, bravery, determination, leader-like - protected fort for 7 days until help came from Montreal
  • When help came, were surprised to see everything in perfect order
  • Their forst was in between French settlements and the Iroquois from getting to it - thanks to her, the Iroquois retreated and never set fire to the French settlements
  • More known for her bravery "for no general;s tunic ever shielded a braver heart than that which beat within the breast of the little heroine Madeline
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