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Mikak (1740-1795)

  • Created friendly relationships with traders from Europe and with Natives in Labrador.
  • First Labrador Inuit to earn a place in recorded history.
  • Was one of the few Natives to be able to return to homeland and have influence over the people.
  • Granted British land to Moravian missionaries.

  • Newfoundland, Labrador

  • This is important because she changed the demographics of the area.
  • Benefited trade between the two locations.
  • Two different cultures living together.

Sources :

100: Q: What First Nations tribe is Mikak from?
A: Inuit
200: Q: What year was Mikak born?
A: 1740
300: Q:What did she do that was important?

A:She granted the British land to Moravian missionaries.

500: Q: Why were her actions important to Labrador?

A: Her actions were important because it brought together two different cultures and allowed for understanding and interaction.